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Are you not entertained? something we have NEVER had to ask during our Science Safari Shows!

Performing at The Australian Museum's, National Science Festival each year and described as the 'best show EVA' because of its 100% wow factor, our new Upsized Science Show is designed to have your children leaping off the floor and yelling for more. Our presenter demonstrates how Phhhhun the study of physics and chemistry is, especially when things are under A LOT of pressure. Think liquid nitrogen explosions, colourful chemical eruptions, carbon dioxide mini rockets, flying toilet paper, levitating beach balls....we better not tell you anymore or there'll be no surprises!


This show is:

100% Interactive

200% Reactive

300% Funny

400% Unforgettable

Expect the unexpected in this awesomely entertaining, fast-paced, fun-packed interactive show that takes a loud, colourful and messy look at the hilarious world of science!


Book the Upsized Science Show for guaranteed educational entertainment. It will be a conversation piece for years!

Suitable for Years 3– 6

Perfect for introducing a topic, as a wrap up or simply as a reward for your hard working students. 

Includes post-visit teacher e-pack with follow-up activities and resources

Content and standards addressed in the Australian Curriculum for Science:



Costs and Booking Information for Australian Schools


The Upsized Science Show runs for 60 minutes with a ten minute tidy up and reset between shows.

Minimum daily booking – 1 show @ $660
Maximum daily booking – 4 shows*

*Special rates apply for multiple performances on the same day.

Book The Upsized Science Show Now!




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