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Science Safari shows are engaging interactive and educational


Our Philosophy


Before we began our travelling school programs we asked ourselves the question;

How do we truly engage children with science during a one-off incursion and make it a memorable experience?

To answer this question we unpacked all the things we believe about science, science education, science communication and the way children learn. Here are just some of the beliefs that underpin our working philosophy at Science Safari and examples of how we act on those beliefs to provide your students with a truly memorable experience.


We believe in sparking the interests of our young would-be scientists because we understand that it is in the early years of science education that an interest truly begins. Our aim is to demonstrate why science is exciting and important and to leave this as a lasting impression on your students.We do this by using a number of techniques including writing highly interactive shows to personalise the experience and using comedy and theatrics to make children laugh, which have been proven to embed learning and provide memorable learning experiences. 


Another essential technique we use is to break down difficult science concepts into bite size pieces that primary age students can understand. Through the use of analogy, we help students to make connections to these concepts by relating the ideas back to their everyday lives. We know that a difficult science concept will remain a difficult site concept unless it is communicated properly and this is what Science Safari does best. We do this by using age appropriate language and adjusting our delivery styles according to each attending audience. 


How do we develop shows which are engaging, educational and which will inspire children to investigate long after our visit? 


We look for answers and feedback for future shows from the most relevant people. Teachers and kids!


K - 6 Shows here

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