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Science safari presenter has Six volunteers demonstrating how we hear sound


Australian Museum Science Festival, National Science Week, 2017

About Us

Our mission is very simple.

To encourage the profound scientific thinking children naturally do every day, and to inspire them to keep asking questions like,

"Can bugs hear me sing?" and "Why don't the stars fall out of the sky?" 

This is crucial in the early years of science education. 

Read our philosophy here


What we do

We get children excited about science! Our travelling shows are entertaining and educational. Professional presenters perform high quality science shows which also happen to be SERIOUSLY funny! Our programs are highly interactive and involve hands on activities which create a positive, lasting impact on children's perceptions of science.


How we do it

We write shows and workshops that promote more questions than answers and which encourage your students to think. We use ideas and analogies that children and older students can easily relate to. Our presentations and demonstrations are interactive and use everyday materials that students can identify with. Our presenters know how to adjust their performances to suit any audience and how to use age appropriate language to explain science concepts. 


K - 6 shows here

Who we are

Our team of professionals have over twelve years of science communication experience. Our shows engage and excite your students into thinking about science in positive and meaningful ways and to go away and talk, talk talk. ​​



"The feedback we've had from teachers has all been standout. The concepts are clear and we are impressed with your work and collaboration. Thank you."

Tilly Boylen, Science Education Officer, Education Programs, Powerhouse Museum

"We were so impressed with the presenter's ability to engage with students from a variety of backgrounds as well as the general public. This is true science communication at its best. Please come back every year!"

Catherine Beehag, Manager Science Communications, Sydney Science Festival, Australian Museum

"Thank you so much for presenting for us! Your skill and enthusiasm shows through in all your work. You were knowledgeable of our curriculum and easily adapted your program and offering to fit our needs. It was fun and inspiring and informing, and I will definitely recommend you to other schools.

Skagerak International School, Norway

Science Safari asks brave volunteer to demonstrate static electricity using balloons


Science Safari presenter makes volunteer laugh as he demonstrates how cochlea works by dancing



Science Safari makes volunteer laugh as shes asks her to show audience how a slinky and a cup makes a strange sound effect


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